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The Benefits of White Sage

Let’s talk about it... In recent years white sage has been growing in popularity and use, but so many of us have questions. What is white sage? What are its benefits? Is it for me? Without using buzz words like "good vibes" and a lot of cliché words that most of us don’t really understand, We’ve compiled a list of benefits of white sage and smoke cleansing.  To give us all some context: The practice of burning herbs date back to the 25th and 24th century BC 4500 years ago The “smudging“ that most of us are familiar with today is associated with northern Native American traditions, the clouds of smoke are used to cleanse away negative energy and purify spaces...

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Selenite is a white or clear stone known for its powerful healing and energizing properties.  Uses and characteristics: -self cleansing -used to clean energy of other gemstones -absorbs and dissolves negative energy  -increases intuition and spiritual awareness  -good luck -cleanse spaces of negativity 

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