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The Benefits of White Sage

Let’s talk about it...

In recent years white sage has been growing in popularity and use, but so many of us have questions.

What is white sage? What are its benefits? Is it for me?

Without using buzz words like "good vibes" and a lot of cliché words that most of us don’t really understand, We’ve compiled a list of benefits of white sage and smoke cleansing.

 To give us all some context:

The practice of burning herbs date back to the 25th and 24th century BC 4500 years ago

The “smudging“ that most of us are familiar with today is associated with northern Native American traditions, the clouds of smoke are used to cleanse away negative energy and purify spaces and people.

Although the details of these sacred ceremonies are unknown (and we wouldn’t reveal that information even if we knew out of respect for their culture), we do know some of the benefits of white sage are as follows:

  1. Purification: white sage contains anti-microbial Properties, helping to clear the air of bacteria viruses and fungi
  2. Dispel negative energy: whether you’re trying to rid your self of the negative energy in your life or to cleanse a space before establishing yourself there (new apartment, home, or office), white sage has long been use to help facilitate these positivity in these environments.
  3. Improve mood: studies suggest that white sage can be therapeutic, alleviating stress, and helpful for those who deal with anxiety depression and some mood disorders
  4. Aroma: one of the best benefits most enjoy about white sage is the lovely aroma. White sage is often used as an air freshener or to help eliminate odors.

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