No More Anxi-Tea
No More Anxi-Tea
No More Anxi-Tea

No More Anxi-Tea

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This blend of lemon balm, skullcap, oatstraw, and rose will definitely help to take the edge off (or help you off the edge.)

Lemon balm is a well known anxiolytic herb in the mint family. It decreases stress, and can also help with insomnia.

Skullcap is also a known anxiolytic herb, used similar to lemon balm to decrease stress and improve sleep.

Oatstraw is the stem of the oat plant, harvested during the milky phase; while it’s still green. It is beneficial for improving circulation and nervous system function.

Rose(s are red) is great for enhancing your mood, and is also known to relieve headaches.

This blend is perfect for those intense days, or as a daily wind down tea. We’ve also heard it is quote, “the best tasting tea I’ve ever had!” So there’s no losing with this blend.

All of our herbs are 100% organic, fair-trade herbs. (That’s fancy-talk for “the people who grew them can continue to make a living growing them.”)

We do not use any additional flavoring in our teas, what you read is what you get. No filler.

Don't forget your thermos!