Mini White Sage (twin pack)

Mini White Sage (twin pack)

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White Sage is known for its spiritual cleansing properties,  and has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. 
This medicinal herb also purifies the air and releases a therapeutic aromatic scent. 
Our hand wrapped eucalyptus wildflower smudge has the following healing properties:

  • mood-boosting
  • energizing
  • cleansing
  • protection
  • calming
  • Approx. 4-5” in length
  • 2 smudges included 

Ease of use: Novice smudger 



To smudge your home or space open your windows to allow the flow of energy through the space. Light your smudge and slowly travel through the space waving the smudge ensuring the smoke gets into even the dark corners and closets of the room. As you smudge envision or speak your intention, affirmations, or prayer.